New Album "Wrong Side of the Road" is out!

Full Houze wrong side of the road

Track List

1. Dangerous Girl
2. Deadline
3. Stone Cold Bluff
4. Spread the Heat
5. Sacrifice
6. Meant to Be
7. Lonely
8. Ace up My Sleeve
9. Better I'll Be Gone
10. Afraid of the Dawn
11. Where Dreams Dissolve
12. Through My Hands

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"Streets of Town" photoshoot by Zisis Giamalis

Our good friend and great photographer Zisis Giamalis just published in his personal website a gallery of the photoshoot we did together for our debute album "Streets of Town". Do spend some time checking out his excellent work on the whole
And left-click if you dare!!

zisis-web zisis-fh



The invasion begins!

Full Houze about to attack two strategic points at the perimeter of Thessaloniki with two shows in a row at the suburbs!! 

Friday 1st of February Saturday 2nd of February
full houze live at Ipanema beer bar full houze live at club garage

Spread the Heat @ YouTube