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On the Edge

New Album Release 2024

It has been a while, but we have finaly just realeased our third album !!
Stay tuned and enjoy the music.

Who is Full Houze

“Full Houze” are a five piece rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece formed with the present members in 2009. Throughout the years the band managed to create a solid unique sound of their own, which combines vintage American rock with Mediterranean tamperament.

For years Full Houze have been playing live concerts at least once every week, every Saturday night in particular as a house band in live stages of Thessaloniki, which has built them a solid music profile and made them close friends and not just co-musicians. The name of the band represents more or less the above.

Five completely different cards that can have something in common… a strong hand … Full Houze! (oke, we flipped the “S”)

Quite loners on stage,  they had their moments being the opening act for artists like Pavlov’s Dog, Snowy White, Dr. Feelgood,Nine Below Zero, Charlie Brechtel and more.  

Since 2011 they started performing around Europe at big festivals. In 2013 they 've done their 1st European tour which followed by a 2nd European tour in 2015 in 8 countries (Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia).

Throughout the bands journey, many songs were written: 12 of them are included on the their 1st album ‘Streets of Town’, another 12 on their  2nd album "Wrong side of the road" (released on March 2016) and 11 more on the 3rd album "On the Edge" (released on March 2024).

Their music is filled with passion that struggles to jump out of the local streets and into the world. That same passion has already lead them into their studio as they are currently recording their 3rd album, and it will bring them out on the road again on summer of 2017

Back in Russia (back in Suzdal 2019, Promo)

20 June 2019

After 2012, 2014 and 2017 we are going back to Russia to - it gets greater every year(!!) - one of our top most favorite destinations, the "Suzdal bikes and blues" festival.

This is a small promo before the event. We couldn't help ourselves, Beatles and their back in the USSR was the immediate choice.

Cya all in Suzdal 29/06/2019 !!

New Single "Her World"

06 July 2018

her world sqA friend has just escaped her family abusing environment. Others have done the same. Many more still struggle. "Her world" was born in the studio after Panos long staring at a Miltos's green pick with a crocodile illustration on it, while listening to George A. playing a new tune. This is a rock tune. We wanted this to have rhythm.

Written and performed by the Full Houze

Produced by Kostas Kofinas
Recorded and mixed at Blueberry Productions Co.

Photography by Yannis Gutmann

© 2018 | Full Houze. All rights reserved

Full Houze live @ Free Riders

01 June 2018


21-4 Live at Mavri Trypa

17 April 2018

Full Houze are going live again after quite a long period of stage inactivity. At 21st of April they are rocking Mavri Trypa ance more

Going to Russia!!

28 June 2017

Full Houze are heading to Suzdal-Moscow to meet their friends and play at the Blues-Bike Festival Suzdal

Full Houze meet Free Riders !

29 May 2017

At 10th of May we are rocking with the guys at Free Riders club, celebrating their new Clubhouse !

free riders full houze

Full Houze to open for "Hats off to LED ZEPPELIN" at KYTTARO

12 January 2017

Kyttaro Led Zeppelin for web

Σάββατο 14 Ιανουαρίου


Χρήσιμες πληροφορίες για το live μας στην Αθήνα:

ΠΟΡΤΕΣ: 21.00 - ΕΙΣΙΤΗΡΙΟ: 10€ (τα πρώτα 100 εισιτήρια) / 12€

Σημεία Προπώλησης:
ΚΥΤΤΑΡΟ : ΗΠΕΙΡΟΥ 48 & ΑΧΑΡΝΩΝ - 210 8224134
10.00-13.00 καθημερινές και ώρες-μέρες συναυλιών
213 0378553
(Έναντι Δημαρχείου) 07.00 – 14.00

Full Houze to open for the Godfathers at mylos club

02 December 2016

Mavri Trypa live 5 November

25 October 2016

mavri trypa live 05 11 2016

Full Houze little shop

04 May 2016